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HTLF Retirement Plan Services

As an employer, in today’s competitive environment, providing high-quality benefits to your employees is invaluable as you work to hire and retain top talent. A company-sponsored retirement plan can be a win-win for your employees and your business. By assisting your employees in taking charge of their financial future, you will be creating a more empowered financially confident workforce and thereby drive greater overall business outcomes. There is no better partner to help you navigate the intricacies of your plan and achieve your workforce goals than HTLF Retirement Plan Services, a division of HTLF, our holding company.

For over 40 years, HTLF Retirement Plan Services has been servicing defined contribution retirement plans including 401(k), 403(b), and profit sharing plans. We take pride in delivering value to our clients by providing:

  • More time and energy for you and your staff to focus on the business while we focus on the plan administration
  • Reduced fiduciary risk and liability
  • Customized plan provisions to meet your company’s unique goals
  • Access to quality investment options
  • Quality employee education to drive participation and contributions

Trustee and Fiduciary Services

We help employers mitigate risk by assisting with trustee and fiduciary services. Shifting different levels of responsibility to us reduces required duties and potential liabilities from you as the sponsor. We can serve in the capacity of a discretionary or directed trustee, and an administrative fiduciary.

Custom Plan Design

Your business is unique, therefore, don’t settle for an off-the-shelf plan. Based on the goals and objectives of your plan, we will analyze your plan to maximize plan participation, optimize employer contributions, implement strategies to minimize plan failures and address other plan objectives.


With our retirement plans, you have access to more than 25,000 actively managed and index funds, ETFs and CITs, in addition to multiple suites of Target Date Funds.

Targeted Employee Education

Our commitment to financial wellness is invaluable, and may include virtual or onsite education meetings, video seminars, a library of educational content and custom campaigns to engage and inform your employees as they utilize this benefit.

Complimentary Review

As your partner, we offer a complimentary, due diligence review of your current retirement plan. We will benchmark your existing plans investments and fees to provide you with a greater understanding of the plan, and help you decide if it’s the best one you can offer for both your company and your employees.

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Products offered through HTLF Retirement Plan Services are not FDIC insured, are not bank guaranteed and may lose value.